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Breathing Basics for Runners

Run faster with the optimal breathing technique

Breathing correctly while jogging is actually easy - yet many amateur and even professional athletes occasionally complain of abdominal pain or literally get out of step with their breathing. The reasons for this range from shallow everyday breathing to breathing incorrectly. Find out the most important things about breathing technique when jogging and how you can enjoy running without any worries.

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Fitness Motivation: Finding the Drive

10 tips to get you motivated

Have the motivation but the couch is too comfy? Well, you're not alone. Find out which motivator you are and what stands in your way. In this article, we'll give you 10 tips you can use to get your drive up.

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How to beat sore muscles

Where it comes from and how to get rid of it

Start training effectively and stop torturing yourself over sore muscles! In this article, we'll uncover widespread myths about sore muscles and also give you tips on how to keep them in check. Or maybe you already have sore muscles? We'll tell you what really helps.

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Shirt off? No way!

Why taking your shirt off in football is forbidden - background information and fun facts

Whoever takes their shirt off in football gets a yellow card. So why do so many players do it? Why does this rule exist in the first place? Well, we found an answer for you by taking a close look at the FIFA rule.

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Football: cards and sanctions

Red cards, yellow cards, penalty kicks: a summary of the main football rules

The sanction takes place immediately: this definitely applies to football, especially if the referee has not slept well. In what cases does the referee give a yellow card? How long has the red card existed for? And what is the difference between a penalty and a free kick? We'll get to the bottom of all these questions and many more here.

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Esports - Earn Money by Gaming

Expert Interview with journalist and presenter Konni Winkler

Computer and video games have become an established part of society. Esports have developed from a niche sport to a professional and international sport with prize money in the millions. In our expert interview with journalist and presenter Konni Winkler, we have everything you need to know about esports.

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